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Horsemanship Lessons in Blanco Texas

Basic HorsemanshipBasic Horsemanship

Learn Basic Horsemanship skills needed for everyday horse care. This lesson is for the beginner rider who wants to learn more about caring for the basic needs of a horse. Includes safe and proper handling, grooming, hoof care, tack needs and care, ground exercises, nutrition, barn care and basic riding.





Ground ControlGround Control

Ground Control is the key to having a well mannered horse in all situations. Learn techniques which will allow you to communicate better with your horse to give it the confidence it needs to handle stressful situations.  Through these exercises you will gain more trust in your horse, which will open the door for your horse to trust you as well.





Out on the TrailOut On The Trail       

Do you want to ride with more confidence out on the trail?  Our trail lessons will help you and your horse improve your skills out on the trail and make you a better rider in general.  You will learn to negotiate natural obstacles such as water, gates, logs of all sizes, hills up and down, deer, cattle and more.





Basic Cattle WorkBasic Cattle Work

Learn to read and work cattle on horseback.  You will do basic herd work exercises in the pasture, in a pen situation, sorting and penning.  This is a fun exercise for all levels of riders.






Specific ProblemsSpecific Problems

From time to time we all have specific issues to address with our horses or our horsemanship.  If you are at that point, we can address those issues and work through them with you.





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