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 Secrets to Buying a Horse - Ebook

Secrets to Buying a Horse: Learn from my mistakes to Finding Your Dream Horse

Price: $19.95 

After receiving many emails from people asking me for more extensive information similar to, and in addition to, our articles, I have decided to put together an E-book with the all of the things that I consider before purchasing a horse.

 Learn From My Mistakes and Save Thousands of Dollars!!!

 Through the years I have learned many hard lessons in buying and raising horses.  I have also witnessed  mistakes made by friends, customers, and family in their equine decisions.

Product Overview 

In This E-Book You will Discover: Suggestions and information to help you think through your horse purchase:  from the initial contact to the complete care and needs for your new horse.

  •  What to Look For in Your Horse
  •  Financial, Physical and Emotional Preparation For You and Your Horse
  •  Ideas on Building and Improving Your Facilities
  •  Options Other Than Ownership
  •  What steps to not miss, which can save you TONS of added expense
  • and much more...  PLUS at the end of most chapters is a CHECK LIST to help you work through your buying decision.

My belief is the more information we can share with one another, the better our purchasing experience will be and our horsemanship skills will become!
The steps and ideas discussed in this book have come from me spending tens of thousands of dollars on horses, more than I should have, through the years...not to mention time and heart ache.

You can Stop Yourself From Making The Same Mistakes!

Bonus: In addition to this book you will receive, at no additional cost, "Life Lessons Through Basic Horsemanship".  Life Lessons is a culmination of lessons I have learned through the years in working with horses.