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Separation for horses is tough..

Does your horse lose its training when separated from his pasture buddy?  Many do, and the only way I have found to cure that is to force separation.  What I mean is plan to ride out away from the barn or stable without your horse's buddy or buddies.  Put your horse in situations where he has to be separated from the herd.  Remember, horses are herd animals and that natural instinct is strong.  You must be careful, keeping your safety and the safety of your horse(s) priority.

Additionally, when I have horses that hook up to the point of being difficult to separate, I will stall or paddock them separately.  They can see other horses.  They know other horses are around, but they are in their own area without being able to rub shoulders with their buddies.  After a while, I will allow them back into the same pasture or paddock to socialize.  Then I will separate them again.  Mix it up.  The change is good for them.

The main thing to keep in mind is that your horse is going to hook up with someone for its primary relationship.  You want that someone to be you, not his pasture buddies.

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